is about to take over the Metaverse

Season 1

Free-to-play; play-to-earn.
Start practicing on the Cityscape race track from now on for the high scores and move up the ladder!

Prize Pool
$3,550 worth MGLX

1st place

1250 USD +
Gold Metaship

2nd place

750 USD +
Silver Metaship

3rd place

500 USD +
Bronze Metaship

4th to 10th place

150 USD + Metaship

Upcoming Seasons

More Race Tracks
Metaship NFT's
Multiplayer Modes
Daily Quests

MGLX Token

MetaGLX token also known as MGLX is a Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) cryptocurrency token of real-world value and serves as the in-game currency of the MetaGLX where you can earn and spend in the MetaGLX DApp GameFi.
Chart Audit

Transaction Fees: 12%

BUSD Redistribution to Holders
Prize Pool Appropriation
Liquidity Pool Acquisition
Marketing and Development
iBNB Community Partnership

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 MGLX

Launchpad in UltiArena
Presale on
Liquidity supply on Pancakeswap
Prize Pool Appropriation
Team, Partners and Developers


Phase 1

Off The Mark!

  • Game development.
  • Free-to-play; Play-to-earn "Time Attack" mode.
  • Contract Audit by Solidproof.
  • Marketing through various avenues, such as influencers, news, ads.
  • Launchpad ICO with UltiArena.
  • Presale on Pinksale and Launch on Pancakeswap.
  • Coinmarketcap and Coingecko application.
  • Prize Pool locked until Season 1 ends.
  • Prizes for Top 10 winners.

Phase 2

Practice Makes Profits

  • Web3 DApp connection with the player's wallet on the game's dashboard to share their scores, and upon finishing the race, submitting the player's wallet address is not required.
  • An oracle-based tiny fee of $0.5 to $1 in MGLX tokens is added for playing the game which goes towards the Prize Pool.
  • "Practice" mode for players to practice before paying to play.
  • Prize rewards distribution extended to the Top 100 players.

Phase 3

The Exhibition

  • Playing fee removed. Metaship NFT's are required to play the game.
  • Initially, 7 Metaships will be released with 7 upgradeable levels for different attributes such as top speed, acceleration, horsepower, brake power, etc.
  • Launch of 10000 Metaship NFT's minting using MGLX tokens. The minting fee goes towards the Prize Pool.
  • Thereafter, players receive 1 Metaship randomly, each and every time they fully upgrade a Metaship to Level 7.
  • The fee for each upgrade of $50 using MGLX tokens applies, in exchange to increase Metaships performance in speed, acceleration, horsepower, brake power, etc. The upgrade fee will go towards the Prize Pool.
  • Rewards of $1 to $5 for players in MGLX tokens for finishing the race within an implemented/specified time limit, playable up to $20 per day.
  • Marketplace for trading Metaships. A small percentage of the trading fee goes toward the Prize Pool.
  • Launch of Decentralized Exchange for staking, pooling and farming MGLX tokens.

Phase 4

Team Rush

  • Extended dashboard with options to change settings, view activity log and inventory, requiring email and password together with Web3 DApp connection.
  • Quick login using Facebook, Google or Apple ID together with Web3 DApp connection.
  • Introduce new race tracks, and ladders respectively.
  • Grand release of "Multiplayer" modes; 1v1-duel, 3-player and 2v2-team. Rewards of $1 to $5 in MGLX tokens for the winners. Playable up to $20 per day in-line with "Time Attack" mode.
  • Game release on Android Play Store and iOS App Store. 

Phase 5

Questing for Rewards

  • Oracle-based automated Prize Pool using smart contracts. Top players claim rewards directly from the dashboard after the season ends.
  • Oracle-based automated real-time for the implemented rewards using smart contracts.
  • In-game automated quests; rewards for completing tasks to earn more MGLX tokens.

Phase 6

Highway to Metaverse

  • Introduce Metapilot NFT's as an added requirement to play the game.
  • Implement digital crypto wallet web browser extension with a brand new blockchain exclusive for MetaGLX with a closed ecosystem, including connecting of Trezor or Ledger hardware wallets.
  • Wallet extension integrated using Google authenticator when signing transactions for a more secure environment.
  • Migration of players' assets to the new chain using a bridge.
  • Wallet release on Android Play Store and iOS App Store.
  • Enter the Metaverse in 3D via Virtual Reality Box, synchronizing your wallet using a QR code where all NFTs that players own, race tracks, and the game itself furthermore transform into a third dimension.

The Board


Mujthaba "ESP" Admani

CEO/Lead Developer

Brandon "Vacca" Paskin


Cian "KA CIAO" Dale



iBNB Finance

nBNB Network